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Heavy cruiser DORSETSHIRE departed Bombay for Colombo.
Destroyer NIZAM departed Trincomalee to patrol off Dondra Head and await the arrival of troopships WAKEFIELD, WEST POINT, and EMPRESS OF JAPAN. The four ships arrived at Colombo on the 6th.
Friday, 6 February.
Minelaying cruiser ADVENTURE was in a collision with tank assault ship TASAJERA (mercantile LST conversion) near Skerry Vore. Both ships sustained extensive damage and returned to the Clyde for repairs, arriving that day. ADVENTURE was taken to Southampton for repairs, returning to Loch Alsh on 30 April.
Light cruiser LIVERPOOL departed the Clyde for Scapa Flow for working up, and arrived on the 7th.
Destroyer JAVELIN departed Plymouth after repairs of her November 1940 torpedo damage for working up at Scapa Flow, and arrived at 1100/8th.
Destroyer MIDDLETON departed Sullom Voe with tanker SAN ZOTICO at 1630 for Scapa Flow. The tanker developed defects and returned to Sullom Voe. MIDDLETON proceeded independently and arrived at Scapa Flow at 1015/7th.
Minesweeper BRAMBLE departed Scapa Flow at 1200 for Sunderland for refitting, and arrived at 1000/7th.
Submarine TUNA departed the Clyde for patrol off Frohavet.
U.109 sank Panamanian steamer HALCYON (3531grt) in 34-20N, 59-16W. Three crew were lost.
U.106 sank steamer OPAWA (10,354grt) in 38-21N, 61-13W. Of the crew of 71, including three gunners, two were lost, 54 missing and 15 rescued.
U.107 sank American steamer MAJOR WHEELER (3431grt) off the Carolinas on the US East Coast . She had departed Puerto Rico on 31 January.
Steamer BLUSH ROSE (645grt) was damaged by German bombing three miles south of St Ann ‘s Head.
Turkish destroyer SULTAN HISSAR (a new H-class destroyer, sister to the British HAVELOCK class) arrived at Suez. She passed through the Canal and was ordered to proceed to Alexandria for preparations prior to turning over to Turkey , departing Alexandria on the 17th for Iskundirun.
Submarine THUNDERBOLT attacked German submarine U.431 in 34-36N, 23-22E with torpedoes and gunfire. No damage was done.
Destroyer VANSITTART arrived at Gibraltar from Freetown.
Convoy ST.14 departed Freetown, escorted by corvettes BURDOCK and ORCHIS, and arrived at Takoradi on the 12th.
Light cruisers DURBAN, DRAGON and destroyers JUPITER and ENCOUNTER, escorting liner WARWICK CASTLE, relieved Australian heavy cruiser CANBERRA in escort of convoy MS.3 off Christmas Island. CANBERRA had departed Fremantle on 30 January escorting MS.3.
Steamers ANTILOCHUS, CHARON, MANGOLA, and MARELLA arrived at Batavia on the 8th and remaining seven ships – tankers ELSA, ERLING BROVIG, HERBORG, MANVANTARA, MERULA, MARPESSA and SEIRSTAD reached Palembang on the 9th.
Destroyer EXPRESS sailed from Batavia to join the escort, but was damaged by a fire in her engine room, and forced to return to Batavia. She was able to leave with convoy SJ.1 for Colombo on the 12th, no longer capable of fleet duties, and arrived at Colombo on the 21st. After further escort duties, repairs were carried out at Simonstown from 25 April to 26 June.
Aircraft transport ATHENE, escorted by destroyers ELECTRA and TENEDOS, arrived at Batavia.
Dutch light cruiser SUMATRA departed the Sunda Strait for Colombo. En route she was diverted to Trincomalee for self refit.
Saturday, 7 February.
Heavy cruiser BERWICK departed Hvalfjord for patrol in the Denmark Strait.
Light cruiser SHEFFIELD (CS.18) departed Hvalfjord for patrol in the Iceland-Faroes Channel and to escort Rear Admiral Minelaying in Operation SN.5B. She left her patrol on the 8th to escort SN.5B.
Light cruiser KENYA departed patrol in the Iceland-Faroes Channel for Hvalfjord, arriving on the 8th.
Oiler GRAY RANGER, escorted by escort destroyer CHIDDINGFOLD, departed Scapa Flow for Sullom Voe. The destroyer returned with oiler SAN ZOTICO and arrived at Scapa Flow on the 9th.
Escort destroyer CALPE departed Scapa Flow at 0100 for Plymouth to join that command on completion of working up.
Destroyer PUNJABI departed Scapa Flow at 2000 for Hvalfjord, arriving on the 9th to operate with the Home Fleet.
Destroyer LUDLOW departed Scapa Flow at 2000 for Rosyth to join that command on completion of working up.
Convoy ON.64 departed Liverpool, escorted by destroyer ST ALBANS. The convoy was joined on the 8th by corvettes ACANTHUS and ROSE. ST ALBANS detached on the 11th when the convoy was joined by corvettes EYEBRIGHT and SHAWNIGAN. ACANTHUS and ROSE detached on the 13th, corvettes DIANELLA, KINGCUP and LOOSTRIFE joined on the 16th, and EYEBRIGHT detached on the 18th. The convoy arrived at Halifax on the 24th.
Lt L T Hazeldine, flying a Master of RAF No.1 Flying Training School at Netheravon, was killed when his aircraft crashed near Malvern.
U.751 sank steamer EMPIRE SUN (6952grt) in 43-55N, 64-22W. Of a complement of 43 crew, 14 gunners and eight RAF personnel, eight crew, two gunners, and one RAF personnel were lost.
During the night of the 6th/7th, Temporary S/Lt M Swithinbank RNVR, and Temporary S/Lt R A Thomas RNVR, were lost when their Swordfish of 830 Squadron was lost in attack on Italian steamer MONVISO 30 miles NE of Cape Turgennes. The steamer was undamaged and arrived at Messina later on the 7th.

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